the lost photo.

Here’s the story:

One day, I believe it was Jan 10th or so, I was speaking to my father on the phone and was going to e-mail him some photos of the van I was trying to sell (still for sale, any takers?). Well, I get online and am looking for photos of the van and my computer just freezes up. I figured whoopdy-doo. No big deal, this has happened before. Well, I restart it and it won’t fully boot up. I am getting worried now. Well, it turns out after many more tries that my harddrive has failed me. I do back my files up on another drive but for some reason I lost pretty much all of my personal work that I had done this past semester. I was very mad to say the least. I had lost a book I was working on, I lost some logo’s I had created (which will be posted soon) but most of all I lost the desktop image for my computer. This might sound trivial to most people but it was just one of my favorite images at the time. I figured it was on my other drive but after much searching I yielded no results.

Well, spring has popped in for a short bit and finally allowed me to go get some photos! I was pumped. I could finally get that image back. So without further ado, here it is in all its mediocre glory, I bring you “The Bench.”

By the way, I upload to WordPress directly because I don’t feel like setting up a flickr account. This is why my images and graphics can come out soft or blurry sometimes. It also seems to affect color of images. Keep that in mind when checking out my works.



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